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About Alexander Maberry

Alexander Phineas Maberry Phd. (born March 24th 1972) grew-up in the medieval village of Dunster, Somerset. He was an unusual, yet intelligent, child that liked to keep himself to himself and preferred the company of books to that of other children.

During the late 1970s Alexander became fascinated in all things weird and wonderful after reading a copy of the 1945 book Fairies - The Cottingley Photos and Their Sequel by Edward L Gardner that was given to him as a Christmas gift by his Grandfather. Over the coming years young Maberry collected everything he could find that was associated with fairies and other cryptozoological discoveries. By 1981, aged just 9-years-old, he had amassed a startling collection that earned him the moniker Somerset Barnum.

Maberry completed his schooling in 1990 with four A-levels in physics, biology, chemistry, and history. But, rather than immediately heading to university he decided to take a year out to travel. This year, however, lasted nearly a decade as it wasn't until July of 1999 that saw Maberry return to the family home in Dunster. In September of that same year Maberry joined New Souls College, Oxford where some seven-years later in 2006 he would graduate with a Phd in Parapsychology (Apparitional Experiences). As an adult Alexander has led a mostly reclusive life only appearing in public when absolutely necessary. He was last seen in 2012 at a lecture he was giving in Woolwich, London where it is believed he was also living at the time. His current whereabouts are unknown.

M. R. James


Alexander's fascination with ghosts and the spirit world started when he inherited his grandfather's first edition of M. R. James' Ghost Stories of an Antiquary after he'd passed away in 1986.


Maberry believed his grandfather was somehow anchored to the book and that it was the gateway to being able to communicate with him. This would also ultimately influence his choice of study at Oxford.



One of the many unusual things that Alexander Maberry has witnessed is that of an exorcism. The cleansing of a building, a room, an object, or even a person of an unwanted, sometimes malicious, spirit.

The museum is home to several artefacts that have been used in these and other cleansing rituals.

Strange Meetings


Maberry's 9-year-long gap year started in a car park in Reading after a meeting with an old circus strongman who said he had acquired the preserved remains of a strange creature the likes of which he'd never seen before.

As soon as Maberry saw it he knew it could be only one thing... a mermaid.

We're not as easily convinced, but we do know it now resides in the museum's collection.



The name given to objects that are haunted by a particularly stubborn or malevolent spirit where it is easier, and often safer, to remove and secure the object than attempt to remove the spirit through exorcism or other cleansing ritual .

If you are in possession of such an object please contact us about our hauntique removal and cleansing services.

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