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Your Stories

Below you will find stories and first-hand accounts of ghostly encounters and other strange, unexplainable events sent to us from members of the public. Some of these have been investigated by us, some by other paranormal agencies, but many are still very much open cases yet to be solved.

If you decide to investigate any of these cases yourself please take all the necessary precautions, not just with regards to the spirits you may encounter but also with potential dangers you may face from the living world. Many haunted locations have been left derelict for many years, often decades, and the structure may be unstable and extremely dangerous. Where appropriate you must get permission from the land owners before carrying out any investigation.

Denbigh Asylum


The year is 1981 and I'm one of two nurses on night duty at the asylum on the old Number 8 ward, by then renamed Hafan Ward.

Back in the day, Number 8 was a male only ward. But since it was renamed the ward had 10 male patients down one side and 10 female patients down the other. The nurses office sat in the middle of these two rows so we could keep an eye on everyone at the same time.

It was about 4am and this particular shift was the third of a run of four nightshifts. I was trying to read but struggling to keep my eyes open and my companion was knitting.
Suddenly she nudges me and says that one of the patients, John, was out of bed and heading for the verandah. So we both stood up and headed off down the ward after him.
The verandah, which was more like a conservatory, was once used by patients but was now more of a store room for extra beds and the like. On reaching it I switched on the light and found it to be exactly as it should be.
John was nowhere to be seen. I tried the door that led outside, but that was locked. We turned around to leave and just as I was about to switch the light off again we saw John curled up in bed, so we went to check he was ok.
On closer inspection we discovered that John had sadly passed away.
John had been at the hospital for most of his adult life and many of us had become very fond of him. But we had a job to do so we got him ready to make his final journey. Our shift ended and we said goodbye.
The following night is our final shift of this run of four.
It's about 4am.
We're sat back in the office and the patience are all in bed. I'm trying to read my book and my partner is knitting.
Suddenly she looks up and out in to the ward and says: "John's just got up and is heading towards the verandah".
The Jester's Tower


The medieval town of Conwy in North Wales was built by King Edward I of England during the invasion of Wales in the late 13th Century.

The Postern Gate Tower, now known as The Jester's Tower, was once one of the defensive tower's along the quayside but is currently home to a coffee shop and show venue that is extremely popular with tourists and locals alike.

This tower is the location of some of the most frequent paranormal activity in the UK and ghost sightings are extremely common here.

It is believed to be haunted by several spirits, but it is the ghost of Conwy's first resident jester that most have reported seeing.

Tom le Fol was, as all good jester's are, a mischievous character and this seems to be true even after death. Reports from various sources all say that this spirit has taken a liking to playing pranks by hiding keys and opening locks that should otherwise be shut.

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