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What we do...

The Alexander Maberry Museum of Oddities & Haunted Artefacts is dedicated to the study of the branch of parapsychology known as Gow Diveth. An area of paranormal research that was first popularised in Cornwall during the mid-1800s but is thought to date back much further. After falling out of favour with the general public since the late 1980s, Gow Diveth has seen somewhat of a resurgence throughout the UK and elsewhere over the past decade thanks in part to the work of Alexander Maberry and his museum.

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."  A. P. Maberry
Hauntique Removals


If you have a haunted object in your home, workplace or other location that's causing issues we can remove it for you. We do this by using modern techniques based on sound Gow Diveth principles rather than any ones based on religious practices, which makes it a safe option for all involved.


This service includes:


  • Casting unwanted spirits back to the spirit realm.

  • Spirit realm gateway closure.

  • Confining malevolent spirits within the object.

  • Cleansing the property of residual unwanted energy.

  • Removal and safe storage of the object within the museum.

Lectures & Seminars


We run regular lectures and seminars around the UK for both the public and professionals in the art and science of Gow Diveth.  

Gow Diveth Courses


For those wishing to become fully qualified Gow Diveth practitioners we also run the World's only certified Gow Diveth course. Those who pass this course will have the knowledge, expertise, and qualifications needed to run their own Gow Diveth practice.

Courses can only be taken in person and consist of 14-days intensive training plus three guided practical assignments.



The museum regularly holds public exhibitions showing items from its vast collection of oddities and haunted artefacts. These are touring shows that reveal much of what we do behind the scenes.

We are often asked if Alexander Maberry attends, and the honest answer is we can't guarantee that he will be able to visit all exhibit locations. However, we are hoping to expand on the number of appearances he makes in the future and if you would like to book him for a talk please get in touch with us using the contact form.

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