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Ghostly Encounters


Since ancient times people have told tales of their experiences with spirits returning from the dead to haunt the places, people, and sometimes objects they left behind.

We have been lucky have to visited many of these places and to have talked with those who have had firsthand encounters with ghosts and spirits. The objects held by the museum have mostly been donated to us for safekeeping.

Strange Things


Alexander Maberry has been fascinated by oddities and strange things since he first read about the Cottingley Fairies when he was a child in the 1970s.

His passion quickly became an obsession and by 1981 aged just 9-years-old he had already amassed a considerable collection of weird and unusual objects that formed the humble beginnings of what is now the museum. 

Hauntique Removals

We are available to remove and store haunted and possessed objects. 




FREE cleansing with removal service. 


Events & Announcements

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in the UK we are currently unable to confirm any events for 2021. We will keep you all updated as we get more information.


Alexander Maberry's Museum of Strange Things is proud to present Fireside Stories.

Season 1 brings you Viking folklore, festive treats, and spooky tales.

You can listen to all episodes here, or you can find it on your favourite podcast app including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Click the links or search for Alexander Maberry's Fireside Stories.

We are currently working on season 2, which is scheduled for release in April 2021.


Through a mix of storytelling and immersive theatre we are able to offer unique experiences to weddings and corporate events throughout the UK.


Our Free Ebook

10 Signs You Are Probably Living With A Ghost
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