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It’s Not The Size That Matters. It’s What You Do With It That Counts...

And if you’re anything like Yvette Amos you keep “it” on your bookshelf and do an interview with the BBC.


Yvette Amos on BBC Wales Today on Tuesday 27th January 2021


The Big Ben Bongs were replaced on Tuesday night's Wales Today programme with what can only be described as the Dai Mawr Dongs.

Yvette was being interviewed on Tuesday evening’s BBC Wales Today programme about unemployment caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, but forgot she had left a very personal ornament on her bookshelf that transformed Ms. Amos into a viral sensation herself.

Viewers of the show were left in stitches when they spotted the intimate objet d'art and immediately took to social media to share the faux pas and proclaim Yvette Amos the new Queen of Lockdown.

Kerry Davis from Abergwynfi, Neath Port Talbot posted on Facebook: "This lady has just been live on BBC Wales news. I think she should maybe have checked her top shelf first!"

Al Beddows from Swansea declared it "Dildogate" and Hannah Rawle-Jones commented Yvette had a very "satisfied smile".

Charlotte Galsworthy said: "Well in fairness she has to keep herself occupied in tough times for her mental health. Lol."

Didn't see it? Watch it here:


From Flintshire based videographer David Pearson's YouTube channel.


We would like to thank Yvette for giving us all a good laugh during what has been an otherwise bleak and miserable January. What a legend.

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