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Nostradamus 2021: Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

What did the 16th Century astrologer, doctor, and scientist Michel de Nostradamus predict for 2021?



“Not far from the beginning of the millennium, when there will be no more hell, the dead will come out of their graves” – wrote Nostradamus.

Does this mean we should be preparing for the zombie apocalypse? Some are saying yes, and they could be right... ish. We don't think it's going to be quite as it is in The Walking Dead though.

In 2017; Bioquark, a research company based in Philadelphia, USA, were due to start work on using stem cells to reverse death. Their idea was to inject stem cells into the spinal cords of people who had been declared clinically brain-dead. The subjects were also going to receive an injected protein blend, electrical nerve stimulation, and laser therapy directed at the brain.

The goal was to grow new neurones and get them to connect to each other. This would therefore bring the brain back to life.

It's our belief that something like this will most likely turnout to be what Nostradamus foresaw.

World Economy Collapses

Nostradamus predicts: “The rich will die many times.”

Which many have said predicts the collapse of the worldwide economy in 2021 and the beginning of the end of capitalism.

He continues by saying: “People will refuse to pay taxes to the king.”

This has been taken to mean that we should expect political and civil unrest culminating in major uprisings throughout the western world by the end of the year.

Rise in Veganism

“The pig will become a brother to man,” writes Nostradamus.

And with reports that around 20% of those celebrating Christmas this year did so with completely plant-based foods it would appear that this prediction is already starting to come true.

We at the Museum would be very surprised if the popularity of veganism didn't continue to grow rapidly over the next 12-months.

Other Predictions

The French prophet also predicts that medical science will advance by such a degree this year that it will start us down the path of being able to live until we are 200-years-old.

He also says that "the days when anyone could have a child will become a thing of the past". Some are saying this is predicting the need for widespread control who can have children due to population growth. Others are saying it predicts a fertility crisis, and the beginning of the end of the human race.

Nostradamus also tells us to expect an increase in global natural disasters saying that as the "Kings plunder the forests, the sky will open, [and] the fields will be burned by heat”. Science has been telling us that continued deforestation will lead to an increase in global warming for many years. Maybe we should've listened.


Killer robots and microchipped soldiers predicted for 2022!

Photo by Eleventh Wave


Some good news though. 2021 is not expected to be the year we see World War 3. We have to wait until 2022 for that. Apparently it will start as a conflict between the USA and China, over what though he doesn't divulge. He does, however, predict microchips being implanted in the brains of soldiers and the use of robots. So if your name's Jessica Connor, you might want to start stock piling weapons and keep your eye out for muscle-bound Terminator's from the future.

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